Defence Planning Committee’s first meeting concludes; defence panel to expedite purchase

New Delhi: The Defence Planning Committee (DPC) was formed under the Chairmanship of National Security Adviser (NSA), Ajit Doval to prepare a comprehensive plan for the defence forces, considering the challenges concerning national security. The first meeting of this committee, which was formed only last month, concluded on Wednesday. There are reports of the proposals for expediting the process of defence purchases for all the three defence forces being approved.


Defence Planning Committee, india, NSA, ajit doval, defenceIn light of the rapidly changing global scenario, the defence-related challenges of our country are also increasing. It has created the necessity to enhance the capacities of all the three defence forces. This demands framing of a comprehensive policy and expediting its implementation with a time-bound plan. The Central Government formed the DPC fifteen days ago, against this background. This committee has been formed to prepare a detailed draft of the national security strategy (NSS) for the defence forces – for buying defence equipment, its import and upgrading military capabilities. Considering the global turmoil, the committee has also been assigned the task to draw strategic policies with allied nations. It will be dealing with responsibilities pertaining to a 15-yr comprehensive plan for the purchase of defence equipment and erecting a basic defence infrastructure.

This committee that comprises of the heads of all three defence forces, the defence chief and many senior officials is to submit their report directly to the Defence Ministry. This will make the decisions concerning defence to be taken at a faster pace possible. Thus, all eyes are fixed at DPS’ first meeting.

The meeting that concluded on Wednesday, involved discussions on the functioning of the DPC. There are also reports of deliberations on plans to purchase defence equipment in a predefined time period. Along with the three Service chiefs, Defence Secretary, Sanjay Mitra, Secretary in Finance Ministry, Narayan Jha and Foreign Secretary, Vijay Gokhale were also present at the session.

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