Indian NSA walks out of SCO meeting in protest of Pakistan’s misconduct

New Delhi/Moscow: – Pakistan is not willing to give up its bad habit of raising the Kashmir issue, on every platform, despite receiving denials on all the international levels. Pakistan staged one more aggression, displaying the new political map of Pakistan, during the meeting of the NSAs, of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). But the Indian National Security Advisor (NSA), Ajit Doval delivered a slap across Pakistan’s face, by walking out of the meeting. India has expressed its strong disapproval with host Russia; it has been revealed that Russia also has reprimanded Pakistan.  


Meeting of NSAs of the SCO members was held on Tuesday. It was decided to have a virtual meeting, given the Coronavirus pandemic. It was seen at the very beginning of the meeting that Pakistan NSA had displayed a new political map, of Pakistan, behind his chair. On noticing this, Indian NSA, Ajit Doval registered an intense protest and left the meeting. Doval expressed his displeasure also with the Russian NSA Nikolai Patrushev.   

The Indian foreign ministry took cognisance of the matter and lashed out at Pakistan in stern words. Pakistan is violating the rules of the Action committee meeting and the advice from host Russia also seems to have been ignored. India decided to leave the meeting in consultation with Russia. The Indian foreign department clarified in its statement that even after this, Pakistan continued spreading misinformation. Russia expressed strong displeasure over this mischief played by Pakistan.   

It is said that Russian NSA Patrushev reprimanded Pakistan saying that this action was an act of incitement. At the same time, sources informed that Russia does not support the Pakistan action. 

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