Despite Export Ban, India to supply 25,000 tonnes of onions to its friend – Bangladesh

New Delhi: – 25,000 tonnes of onion will be exported to Bangladesh, despite the ban on onion exports. The onion rates in Bangladesh skyrocketed after India imposed a ban on onion exports. Bangladesh conveyed its resentment over the decision to India. As per sources, this Indian decision is taken with a view only to cooperate with its ally.   


Late on Friday night, the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) sanctioned an export of 25,000 tonnes of onions to Bangladesh. Following an abrupt ban on onion exports, nearly 250 trucks laden with onion, waiting to enter Bangladesh, were stuck at the border. The rates of onion in Bangladesh skyrocketed due to this ban. The rates within the range of 30 to 40 Taka, reached 120 Taka per kilogram. Additionally,  onions were sold in the black market.   

In this scenario, the Bangladesh government opposed the Indian decision. Bangladesh foreign ministry conveyed its resentment to India, through a letter written to the Indian High-commission in Dhaka. The DGFT sources informed that the decision to export onion was taken, to help the old ally, given the displeasure expressed.   

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