Brutality of Taliban unveils before the world again; Taliban hangs four bodies on a crane in Herat province

Kabul – Taliban leader Nooruddin Turabi has vowed to reimpose brutal punishments like shooting in the head and amputating limbs. Just one day later, Taliban has exhibited its brutality in Herat province by hanging four bodies from a crane to induct fear amongst those who go against them. Those killed were charged with kidnapping. However, Taliban has not clarified on any trial or process followed to convict the accused before punishing.


Taliban, Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, Brutality, Terrorist, AfghanistanThere were regular reports of Taliban terrorists trying to oppress their opponents. Videos of Taliban abducting their opponents and dumping them in the boot of the car had surfaced. However, there was no information on what happened next. Also, the future of those accused and captured for a petty crime is uncertain in the Taliban rule. The global community is early watching to understand the process of law to be adopted by the new Taliban regime.

Taliban leader Nooruddin Turabi had declared that there would not be any change in punishments and videos of shooting in the head, amputating legs will be published as a message to those who intend to go against the Taliban rules. With these terms, those backing the Taliban have started to feel discomfort. However, shooting four people and hanging their bodies on a crane and exhibiting shows the brutal mentality of the Taliban has not changed in the last 20 years.

Taliban, Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, Brutality, Terrorist, AfghanistanA few weeks back, Taliban had shot four people in the Mazar-e sharif square. Videos of the lashing of women protestors in the capital Kabul were also published. These acts were severely criticized. The recent act of hanging bodies on a crane is being condemned the world over.

Taliban leader Nooruddin Turabi had said to include women in judiciary under new regime. However, a US media house has reported that the Taliban are searching for 200 women who were a part of the Afghanistan judiciary to find them and punish them as they had announced multiple verdicts against the Taliban.

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