American Healthcare Act dismisses ‘Obamacare’, passes House of Representatives

 The ‘American Healthcare Bill’ was passed in the American House of Representatives by a vote of 217-213 on Thursday. Following this success in the House, President Trump held a press conference with Vice President, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan and vouched that it was an important day for US. 


The-american-health-care-act-gopTwo months ago, the attempt to introduce the ‘American Healthcare Act’ in the House had failed. It was said that a Republican bill, not being presented in the House, came as a huge blow to President Trump. According to American media-sources, more than 30 Republicans in the House of Representatives had strongly opposed the bill. Trump had accused the Democrats for lack of cooperation and stated this, as the reason for not being able to introduce a new bill in the House. 

However, after a few changes, the ‘American Healthcare Act’ was re-introduced on Wednesday. The bill called for a lengthy discussion, following which, the voting process was held. The bill received 217 votes in its favour, while 213 votes were cast against it. This is the very first significant bill to have been passed in the parliament during President Trump’s tenure. Thus, the ‘American Healthcare Act’ being passed by the House of Representatives is considered a major victory for the Trump government. Republican leader, Paul Ryan had taken a major initiative towards the passing of this bill.

After the passing of the bill, President Trump, along with Vice President Pence, and Paul Ryan, held a press conference in front of the White House. President Trump briefed about the bill and especially thanked Paul Ryan during this press conference. Trump criticised ‘Obamacare’ by stating that he had heard numerous complaints about the same during his campaign for presidency; he called the ‘Obamacare’ law a disaster. 

The President vouched for the new bill as an extremely good plan. He guaranteed that this will nullify ‘Obamacare’ and new things will be implemented. Trump also said that millions of American citizens will be able to benefit from good healthcare services due to the new ‘American Healthcare Act’. He also declared that he was certain that the ‘American Healthcare Act’ will be passed in the upper chamber, the Senate.

Democrats in the House of Representatives strongly criticised the repealing of the ‘Obamacare’. The Democrats stated that this new law will add to the number of citizens left without health insurance.

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