Aging Europe needs backing of migrants: EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini

Malta : The population in Europe has been rapidly inclining towards old age, therefore if economic progress has to be retained in the future, then a new military front is needed to stop the Balkan refugees, said Austrian Defense Minister. 


Federica-MogheriniThe pouring in of refugees from the Balkan countries into the other European nations continues, and thus there is a felt need for an independent military front to control the flow, said Austria’s Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil. For the same, Austria has been carrying out discussions with fifteen countries and has also conveyed that if need be the military may even serve on expeditions other than those of humanist nature. In order to protect Europe’s border, the Austrian Armed forces are prepared to discharge into any country, claimed the Defense Minister of Austria. 

The European Commission’s high official Federica Mogherini stated that Europe needs the support of the refugees. The member nations of the Commission have been consistently refusing resettlement of the refugees and in the past 15,000 refugees have been rehabilitated. Though last week saw Europe making an agreement with Libya to prevent hordes of African migrants from entering European countries. On the grounds of these happenings, Mogherini’s advice has drawn attention. 

The European nations need to understand that they need refugees/migrants for the betterment of their economies. Europe’s population has been aging and hence for Europe’s society and system to sustain they may need support from refugees, said EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini further asserting Europe to not close their doors.  

Last year the management of the European Union had submitted a substantive report regarding its population. The report had drawn a lot of attention as the census showed that the  number of retired individuals exceeded the number of working population in Europe. It also marked the reduction in birth rate and foresaw the threat that in few decades there may be rise in citizens who are not born in Europe.  

Portugal with the intent of increasing its population had stunned everyone by asking for ten thousand migrants. In the European Union, the birth rate in Portugal has been the least, only 7.90 per thousand. In addition to this, considering the number of people who leave the country for work, it was apparent that in the coming few decades, the population may further reduce by 20%. This is considered to be an example speaking for the conditions in some European nations.  

On one hand leaders like Mogherini are saying Europe needs migrants and on the other hand Europe’s other party leaders are hinting how migrants and refugees may prove harmful for their nations. EU is falling under the pressure of these issues and is being forced to take stands.  

In the past week Europe made agreements with Libya to bar entry of African migrants to Europe. As per the record Libya was given a grant of 20 crore Euros to undertake the responsibility of prohibiting entry of African migrants. It is evident thus that the new members of the EU are seemingly not taking any initiative towards the relocation of migrants.   

According to EU’s program, 1,60,000 migrants need to be rehabilitated, though currently only 15,000 of them have been provided with shelter. Hence it is very evident that the European Countries’ and European Union’s role regarding migrants has been discordant and highly incompatible.  

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