India to participate in a conference related to Afghanistan in Russia

Moscow: This time, India,  along with Afghanistan, has been  invited at a Conference organized by Russia on the subject of Afghanistan. India’s presence will be extremely crucial at  this Conference which will be held on the 15th February, likewise, India and Pakistan will face each other at the  Conference. India had  not been  included in the previous Conference relating  Afghanistan  which  Russia had organized. 

 Sergei-lavrovAt present  the  Foreign Minister  of Afghanistan,  Salahuddin Rabbani   is on a visit to  Russia.  During the  visit, he had discussions on this Afghanistan related Conference which will take  place in Russia on the  15th  February.  In the earlier Conference, Russia had included China and Pakistan. This  had resulted in severe reactions within  Afghanistan, and India  too, had  expressed its displeasure over it.  Pakistan however,  claimed  the  absence of India  at  the  Conference as its  political victory. In the coming years,  Pakistan with the help of Russia, China and  Iran,  will eliminate Indian influence  from  Afghanistan, claimed some  India-baiters strategic analysts in Pakistan. 

As such,  India’s participation in this Conference in Russia can be considered crucial. Iran too, along with India,  will  be included in this Conference, claimed Russian officials. The conflicting interests on Afghanistan of both  India and Pakistan had surfaced  earlier.  Pakistan would  want  to bring Afghanistan under the dominance of Taliban. India, however had given total  support  to a  people elected government  in Afghanistan.  However, in the last few months, Russia also initiated talks with Taliban. The Afghanistan Government and India had  expressed their displeasure over this. However, from the Russian side it was cleared that this co-operation with Taliban would be limited only to preclude the terrorist organization ‘IS’. 

The importance of this Conference in Russia, as a result seems to have increased. To maintain peace and stability in the Asian Continent it becomes a prerequisite to have peace and stability in Afghanistan, for which Russia has taken the initiative,  says the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov. However,  looking at the conflicting interests   between India and Pakistan regarding Afghanistan at the Conference, the opposition of Afghanistan towards terrorists’ favouring   policies of Pakistan, arriving at a consensus at the Conference seems difficult. 

 These circumstances have increased the importance of this conference in Russia. To maintain peace and stability in the Asian continent, it is mandatory to maintain peace and stability in Afghanistan and for this Russia has taken initiative as said by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov. However, considering the participation of India and Pakistan in this conference having conflicting interests about Afghanistan; and taking into account Afghanistan’s opposition to Pakistan’s terrorist congenial policies, it is believed difficult to reach on an agreement during this conference.

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