Town of Metz has been growing as migrant’s ‘second Calais’ in France, claims Russian News agency

Moscow : The French administration is worried that hordes of migrants are returning to Calais. At the same time, a second Calais is getting developed on the borders of France and Germany. Due to the living conditions and crime rates and with the number migrants is swelling, the town of Metz has been dubbed the “second Calais” by several locals, Russian media channel reported.


At a small distance away from the German border, the city of Metz is seeing increasing numbers of African and Asian migrants.These migrants have put up tents between the corners of two buildings and the living standards are abominable as per the locals, reported the Russian news agency. The site at Metz has been cleared several times by French authorities but the migrants are re-erecting the tents and camps.

The Agency reports that the locals are worried as the number of migrants is also increasing with each action by the authorities. Looking at the increasing numbers of the migrants in Metz, it will soon be a second Calais, a local woman expressed her fear to the agency. “The migrants issue should be resolved at the earliest. It will be for their good as well as ours,” said the local woman talking to the Russian news agency.

The news agency has said that apart from the locals, the volunteers coming to help the migrants have also expressed the risks faced from the migrants. The migrants in Metz are violent and alcoholic and even have troubled the volunteers as reported by some of the volunteers. Few volunteers have made a sarcastic comment that these unemployed migrants cannot arrange for their food but can very well arrange liquor for themselves. The volunteers have also expressed their concern that there is not enough security provided to ensure that the aid reaches the deserving migrants permeating through the hordes of violent and alcohol addicted migrants.

The locals are also complaining that the administration is turning a blind eye towards the problems created by these illegal settlements. In the past few weeks Metz has witnessed increased attacks on the locals as well as more number of purse snatching from women. But the local media is not even taking a note of such incidents, as per the comment made by a taxi driver to the Russian agency.

Last week, French President Macron expressed his concern over the migrant issue. President Macron had indicated that hot spots will be made ready in Libya to stop the migrants coming from Africa in Africa itself. The French President had also expressed his intent to help Libya financially for this.

Apart from this, Macron had announced that migrants who have entered France would be provided with housing by the end of this year and no migrant would be seen on the roads in France. Macron Government laid out a plan to accommodate migrants in government and government aided hotels which have been vehemently opposed by France at large. Due to this, the opposition has blamed Macron Government for its inability to stem the influx of migrants in France.

Meanwhile, there is a disturbing report that the migrants which were evacuated from the forests in Calais are now coming back. In such circumstances, the migrant problem in the city of Metz can prove to be a headache for the Macron Government.

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