EU creates new agency to protect its borders

Will constrain 'Schengen' free travel policy

EU Agency-Schengen RulesBrussels:The European Parliament has approved the establishment of a new border security agency to protect the European borders from terrorists and from the influx of illegitimate migrants. Called the ‘European Border and Coast Guard Agency’ (EBCG), this force will replace the presently operational ‘Frontex’. The EBCG will be authorized to stop entry of migrants as also to take all necessary measures to repatriate them.


 The EBCG, slated to come into force in the next two months is perceived as a blow to the ‘Schengen’, the fundamental principle of free travel inside the European Union. The new security agency will be authorized to deploy forces on the borders of member nations and even take action in accordance with the situation. As a result of this, free travel in the European nations will be subject to constraints.

Migrant Crisis, Schengen

Over the last year a huge number of migrants swarmed into European nations and member nations of the EU began to take measures acting on autonomous decisions. Hungary and Macedonia for instance, erected fences directly on their borders whereas Germany, Norway, Denmark and France posted additional security forces on their borders to check the influx. Besides, some member nations openly demanded the suspension of the Schengen agreement.

In the light of the above developments, the establishment of the new security force could be construed as a step to toss out the Schengen, although officials of the European Union allege that the new agency has been established with the intention to reinforce it. The new security agency has, as a matter of fact, been authorized to exert stricter control than ever on the borders, delaying further the possibility of the implementation of the Schengen policy.

The EBCG, a force of 1500 guards may be deployed despite objection from one of the member nations.       

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  1. Nikhil Bhalwankar   July 11, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Is independent EU army in making? This may be the next step?


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