Coronavirus claims 52 lives of Pakistani soldiers in PoK, more than 2,500 infected

Islamabad/Muzaffarabad: – Coronavirus has claimed 52 lives of soldiers belonging to the Pakistan army, deployed in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Gilgit-Baltistan. It is also reported that 827 soldiers out of the total 2,500 infected by Coronavirus are still undergoing treatment. Pakistan had kept the news under wraps till now. But as discontent against the government was reportedly rising in the soldiers deployed in PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan, the news was released.   


The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading fast among the soldiers deployed in PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan region. Accusations are being made that the ordinary soldiers are deprived of treatment, and officers are the only ones who are being treated. There is rising discontent in the soldiers as they are being ignored even after contracting Coronavirus infection.  

Finally, some of the soldiers from the Pakistan military unit mustered the courage to protest. At the same time, residents of PoK also protested against the Pakistan government. The locals are criticising that the Pakistan government is sending Coronavirus patients to POK on purpose. Pakistan has started quarantine centres in PoK. Therefore, the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly in PoK. Now, sensation has been created as the Pakistani soldiers have contracted Coronavirus infection.   

Indian Army officers had accused that the Pakistan military is sending Coronavirus cases into Kashmir across the Line of Control. The Coronavirus pandemic has spread in the terrorists at the terrorist launchpads and bases. Reports of many of the terrorists getting infected with Coronavirus have been received.   

Currently, the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading very rapidly in Pakistan. The number of deaths in Pakistan has reached 4,712, and the number of cases has reached 227,000. But the epidemic has acquired much more dangerous proportions than the announced figures. Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing severe criticism on the issue. But the government is making all the possible efforts to hide the situation and therefore, accusations are rife that the number of tests conducted has been purposely kept low. It was exposed that 100 Pakistani lawmakers were infected with Coronavirus. Pakistan’s railway and foreign ministers also were affected with Coronavirus.  

Meanwhile, a message that the people of PoK want independence from Pakistan had been flashed on the website of the PoK Director-General. The message said that the Pakistan government is showering atrocities on the people of PoK for the last 70 years. This had created a sensation. In due course, the Pakistan government informed that the website had been hacked. 

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