POK population, panicking because of the Pakistani conspiracies, pleads with the Indian government 

Muzaffarabad: – The rate of wheat flour was nearly Rupees 35 per kg, in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) even before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. But the rates have doubled since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. The people of POK are faced with shortage of foodstuff along with the price hike and they are complaining that the foodstuff and even medicines are not available even if anyone is willing to pay the exorbitant prices. Moreover, the Pakistan government is sending a large number of Coronavirus infected patients to POK, conspiring to reduce the locals a minority. The POK population has panicked because of this conspiracy and pleading with India for help.  


All the provinces in Pakistan are complaining that they don’t have sufficient medical facilities to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic.  All the Pakistani provinces are also complaining about the unavailability of foodstuff and medications, in sufficient quantities, to reach the poor people in the regions. In this situation, the condition of the people of POK has become the most perilous. This is already an ignored region of Pakistan and following the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Pakistan government is holding the population here, at ransom.  

Pakistan has conspired in the past, to settle its citizens in POK, attempting convert the local majority population into a minority. The local population is alleging that the Pakistan government and military are pushing the Coronavirus patients, since the onset of the pandemic. The supply of foodstuff is not paid any attention and therefore, the people of POK are harassed with the acute shortage of food. This is the reason for the prices of wheat flour, which was available for Rupees 35, doubling.   

Pakistan is not paying any attention to the supply of medicines to the people in POK, while the Coronavirus pandemic is on a rampage in Pakistan. This is a big conspiracy of the Pakistan government and the military.  There is a namesake President and a Prime Minister in POK and Pakistan claims that this the government there operates independently. Therefore, this region is referred to as Azad Kashmir. Now Pakistan is preparing to strip whatever remaining independence of this ‘Azad’ Kashmir. The Pakistan military is planning to use the Coronavirus pandemic as a tool for this purpose.  

All these matters were exposed because of the activists staying outside Pakistan and fighting for the freedom of POK and Gilgit, Baltistan regions from the clutches of Pakistan. Now the locals from POK also have stood against the Pakistan government and it has been reported that even protests were being held for this purpose. The people of POK are demanding that India should supply foodstuff and medicines to the POK population from Rajouri and Jammu regions, which lie close to POK. The trust in India and the distrust in Pakistan, shown by the people of POK, in these difficult times, are pointing to a major shift. 

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