US suspends delivery of ‘Cluster bomb’ to Saudi Arabia

Washigton, Dt. 28 (Newsagency) – US has blocked the delivery of ‘Cluster bomb’ to Saudi Arabia. Human Rights Organization has alleged Saudi of frequently using ‘Cluster bomb’ in Yemen conflict, in which civilians on large scale have been killed. On this backdrop, the information of US halting this militarily help to Saudi has come forth.

As per the information published in a journal ‘Foreign Policy’, cluster bomb ‘CBU-105’, made by an American company ‘Textron System’ will not be supplied to Saudi. It is said to have cited a report after the investigations made about the use of this cluster bomb. Organizations like Human Rights along with Amnesty International are condemning the use of cluster bomb by Saudi military against Houthi rebels during air attacks in Yemen conflict. They have also provided the evidences for the use of Cluster bomb.

us saudi cluster_AFP (press tv)US had pledged support to Saudi for military operation in Yemen. Also, United States of America had provided military assistance to Saudi against the conflict of Houthi rebels. But after the news of exceeding Cluster bomb usage by Saudi came into view, America had to retreat from its military assistance, mentioned the journal. Saudi Embassy in US has denied commenting about the report in this publication.

It is said to have asked about the information of sales of Cluster bomb from ‘Textron System’. The question, how was the supply made to Saudi when United Nations had banned the usage of ‘Cluster bomb’ is being raised. At the same time, frequent use of this bomb by Saudi is also being criticized.  It is been alleged that Saudi has used this bomb violating international laws. US demanded an investigation in this matter along with a report from Saudi Arabia.

Two days before, a proposal was put forth in US Senate. In this, an amendment to the ‘National Defense Authorization Act’ was introduced.  As per the amendment, rules should be laid down on air-to-ground munitions sales in future, from the military aid provided by America to Saudi Arabia. The news for the proposal that only after the oversight of Congress munitions should be sold to Saudi has been published in the media. But Obama administration has avoided any official comment to this.

Since last few months, the relations between US and Saudi have been strained. It is said that the nuclear deal between Iran and United States is responsible for this. Apart from this, rounds of allegations and counter-allegations are being made between US and Saudi Arabia due to 9/11 terrorists attack. 

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