US Secretary of Defence orders to keep fighter jets in a state of readiness

Third World War

Washington: The United States is engaged on many fronts because of the tensions with Russia and China. The sanctions against Iran is leading to tension in the Gulf region and the Syrian conflict. In this situation, the US Secretary of Defence has asked the fighter jets from the air force and the navy to be in a state of readiness. Secretary of Defence, Mattis suggested that 80% of US fighter jets should be ready to counter any emergency situation in the next year.


Defence-ordersLast month, a US daily had claimed that Mattis had sent a memo to the senior officials in the Pentagon.  ‘The United States, known for its most lethal military, has to prepare to effectively use its air might in the war zone. The necessity of readiness of the fighter jets can arise anytime, today or tomorrow,’ was the order sent by Secretary of Defence Mattis to the Pentagon officials.

Secretary of Defence Mattis has ordered all kinds of aircrafts in the Airforce and the Navy to improve the capabilities for a war operation. These include the super advanced F-35, F-22, F-16 and F/A-18 fighter jets in the fleets of the United States defence forces. Mattis has ordered that 80% of these fighter jets have to be in the war-ready state by next October.

These four super advanced fighter jets are considered to be the backbone of the US air force and navy. The analysts in the United States have claimed that the seriousness of Mattis’ order increases substantially with the mention of these fighter jets. At the same time, there have been different reports published about these aircrafts and therefore, Secretary of Defence, Mattis has ordered improvement of these fighter jets, claim some other US media.

The ‘Government Accountability Office’ report published in 2016 said that there have been complaints about these US fighter jets ever since the Obama administration was in power. There have been incidences of the US fighter jets crashing due to technical snags reported in the period 2011 to 2016. A list of these incidences had been submitted to the Obama administration. But the maintenance expenses on these advanced fighter jets was avoided due to the economic crisis in the country. This is said to have affected the numbers of these fighter jets with the US air force and navy. There was a shocking revelation that only 50% of the 13,000 fighter jets were in the war-ready state.

In view of this, Secretary of Defence Mattis seems to have ordered 80% of these advanced fighter jets to be brought to the war ready state. Secretary of State reminded that President Trump had made provision for additional funds for this purpose.

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