US Department of Defence admits running investigations on ‘Unidentified Flying Objects(UFO)’

Washington: The US Department of Defence has openly admitted that an investigation into the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sighted from earth were initiated upon the request of Harry Reid, the former Senator and majority leader of the US democratic party. This is a historic first for the US to have given an official confession at the state level. Senator Harry Reid corroborated the statement and appealed that no one in the past had done this and was proud of it. Leading US dailies, ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’ along with the website, ‘Politico’ have published a news report in this regard.

investigation of UFOThis information was revealed after a thorough follow up from Luis Elizondo, a former US intelligence officer from the Department of Defense. Elizondo has served as an intelligence officer for more than two decades in the defence department. Since the year 2007, he had been involved in the defence program of ‘Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program’ (AATIP). The ‘AATIP’ program was designed to collect and analyze information about ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ (UFOs) sighted across not only the US but various parts of Earth.

Elizondo who retired from the defence department a few months ago, had arranged to securely release three videos for public viewing. The reason stated for the release was the risks posed to US pilots and the need for training them. However, Elizondo who has been working as a consultant at the ‘To the Stars Academy for Arts and Science’ associated with space research, revealed this information post retirement in October at an event. He stated that his primary objective was to bring forth the information about the defence department’s AATIP program.

Following this event, the US media approached several authorities and sources of the defence department in an attempt to investigate its accuracy. In response to the consistent media inquiries, the Pentagon on Saturday finally acknowledged that the AATIP program had been operational. The spokeswoman for the Pentagon, Laura Ochoa stated that the AATIP program was operational till the year 2012. However, according to sources from the Pentagon, this program has been claimed to currently still be opearational.

It has been disclosed that the defence department has funded approximately 22 million for the program. Senate Reid, had requested to maintain the secrecy of this program that was active from 2007-2012. It is believed that the US pilots and other divisions of the defence department were asked to collect the audio and video recordings of the ‘UFOs’ that were found, under this program. Since no report or information of this program which was operational for five years had been independently released, the mystery surrounding it has grown tremendously.

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