Saudi, Iran jolt Pakistan; refuse to observe anniversary of Jammu Kashmir’s accession to India as Black Day

Islamabad/Riyadh/Tehran: – Pakistan, who has been harbouring an ambition to lead the Islamic world and increasing friendship with Turkey, has received a major jolt from Iran and Saudi Arabia. As per received information, both these countries have turned down the Pakistani attempts to observe a ‘Black Day’ against India in their countries. Pakistan media is criticising that the country had to face this embarrassment given the faulty policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.  

Pakistan had made preparations to observe 27th October as Black Day for Kashmir on the international level. Pakistan had plotted to hold protests outside the Indian embassies around the world in an attempt to run a malicious campaign against India. But the plot got busted. Reports are being received that along with the western countries, Pakistan had to shelve its plans to observe Black Day even in the Gulf countries.   

The Iranian government dismissed the Pakistani proposal to observe a Black Day in the University at Tehran, the capital of Iran. The Pakistan government could barely get permission to organise a webinar on this issue. But it is claimed that the webinar also was a failure. Whereas, Saudi Arabia did not allow Pakistan to hold this function even in their own premises at the Pakistan embassies in Riyadh and Jeddah. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia, the leaders of the Islamic world, have shot down the Pakistani attempts to malign the Indian image and this is said to be the result of Pakistan’s increasing closeness with Turkey.   

The Turkish political leadership which is desirous of leading the Islamic world and Turkish President Recep Erdogan has taken Pakistan in his fold for this purpose. The Imran Khan government also is supporting this. Saudi Arabia, infuriated due to this, has started showing Pakistan its place and has started recovery of the billions of dollars given as loan to Pakistan. Criticism is rife in Pakistan that the faulty policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi are responsible for this Saudi outrage. The new policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan are suicidal, and the Pakistan media is expressing displeasure that Pakistan is losing its long-standing allies due to its increasing closeness with Turkey.   

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