Belarusian protesters warn of paralysing nationwide strike

Minsk: – The protestors in Belarus have warned that if the Belarus President does not resign before the 25th of October, they will call a nationwide strike. Pro-democracy protests are being held in Belarus, against President Lukashenko, for almost two months. But as the President has refused to give up power, the protestors have indicated to make the protests more aggressive. On Sunday, more than 50,000 citizens took to the streets to protest, in various parts of the country, including capital Minsk. Sources informed that 280 arrests were made by the security agencies, in action taken against the protestors.

Presidential elections were held in Belarus on the 9th of August. Lukashenko, leading the country since the last 25 years, claimed to have secured more than 80% votes. It was said that his opponent, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, secured more than 10% votes. But allegations of malpractices, in the elections, are being made by political parties and the international community and massive protests have been triggered against Lukashenko. The United States and the European countries have declared support for these protests, going on for the last two months. Whereas, Russia has supported Lukashenko. But Lukashenko seems to have failed to control the protests, despite Russian support.

Against the background of the protests continuing for the last two months, the pressures are increasing on Lukashenko, even on the international level. The United States and the European countries have refused to recognise Lukashenko as the President of Belarus. The United States has imposed sanctions against senior officials from Belarus. Eight European countries, including the United Kingdom, have recalled their Ambassadors from Belarus. Only last week, a decision was taken in the meeting of the European Union, to impose sanctions against Belarus. Against this background, the massive protests on Sunday and the ultimatum issued by the opposition leaders, to Lukashenko, become noteworthy.

The Belarus government, in the last week, threatened that the security agencies have been permitted to open fire against the protestors. But a huge number of people participated in the protests, on Sunday, without paying any heed to the threat. In capital Minsk alone, nearly 30,000 people participated in the protests. The security agencies took strong action against the protestors. 280 people were arrested from various parts of the country, including Minsk. After this action, it is said that the total number of protestors arrested has crossed 13,000. The response received by the protest on Sunday, only demonstrates that the discontent brewing in the people of Belarus, against Lukashenko, has not reduced.

Against this very background, the protestors have indicated making their agitation more aggressive. Opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya threatened of an indefinite nationwide strike if Lukashenko does not resign before 25th of October. Therefore, the Belarus agitation seems to be set for a massive flareup in the near future.

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