Private sector can build their launchpads in Sriharikota, ISRO Chief K. Sivan

New Delhi: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chief K. Sivan said that after opening up the Indian space sector, now, the private sector can build their own launchpads in Sriharikota.

Private sector can build their launchpads in Sriharikota, ISRO Chief K. SivanThe process of including the private sector, in the space sector, has been initiated. In view of this, the companies from the private sector, interested in working in the space sector, will get permission to develop satellites and rockets. Moreover, with this permission for building a launchpad, the companies will be able to launch rockets and satellites.

There will be no fees charged to the private sector to build its own launchpad. On top of this, the private sector companies will receive cooperation from the ISRO scientists. Currently, ISRO has two launchpads and two buildings for developing satellites. ISRO has started the process of forming the new agency ‘National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre’. Although the process is not complete still, the private sector need not wait. Sivan said that if the private sector companies are interested, they can submit their applications for the use of IRSO land.

After the opening of the space sector, for the private sector, India will progress in leaps and bounds, in the space sector. ISRO, who has achieved landmarks, one after the other, over the last few years, has created a strong position in the space sector. ISRO Chief K. Sivan said a few days ago that with participation from the private sector India would have a major role in the future ‘Global Space Economy’.

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