No trade with China unless tension at LAC is diffused, says Indian envoy to Russia, B. Venkatesh Varma 

New Delhi: – B. Venkatesh Varma, Indian Ambassador to Russia, made a big statement that there will be no trade with China unless it withdraws all troops from the Line of Actual Control (LAC). At the same time, Varma thanked Russia for understanding the Indian position. The statement of the Indian Ambassador is a clear warning for China.   

India is not a part of any trade war. But there can be no trade with China unless the tension on the LAC is diffused. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the time for expansionism is over. Varma, referring to the Prime Minister’s statement, said that China has not fulfilled the assurance of the bilateral agreement and withdrawal of the military from the LAC. It is evident from these statements, made by the Indian Ambassador to Russia that India has completed its preparations to deliver severe economic jolts to China.   

Varma expressed satisfaction over the increasing military and technical cooperation with Russia. He expressed hope that this cooperation will continue to rise in the future. Indian and Russian interests in the Indo-Pacific sector are similar. This sector should become a sector with peace, stability and economic progress. Varma also said that no single country should try to reap benefits from this sector unilaterally. This is clearly a comment on the Chinese claim on the entire South China Sea. Last week, India had declared its stand, saying that the South China Sea sector does not belong to anyone country. This comment by Varma becomes important against this background.  

India has adopted an aggressive stand against China, following the Galwan Valley conflict. It has been reported that India has warned China, in clear words, that there is no other option available to China other than withdrawing its soldiers from the LAC. There will be no unilateral efforts from India to reduce the tension. The Indian foreign ministry recently reprimanded China that it will have to withdraw its soldiers from the LAC. There is a need to be alert, despite the efforts being taken to diffuse the tension on the border, on the political and military level. Therefore, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has ordered the Indian Airforce to be prepared for any eventuality. This clearly shows that India is increasing its pressure on China. 

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