More than 22,000 Coronavirus cases in the country, an additional 778 cases in Maharashtra  

New Delhi: – One month of lockdown was completed on Thursday. The number of cases, which was 519 before the lockdown, has now reached 22,000. 778 new cases were reported from Maharashtra on Thursday, with an addition of 522 new cases in the Mumbai region, taking the total number of cases in the Mumbai region to more than 4,000.  

The health ministry announced on Thursday evening that the number of Coronavirus cases in the country has reached 21,700. But the states announced their statistics only after this. As the information given by the health ministry was based on the data received until Thursday morning, it was clear that the number of cases by Thursday evening had crossed 22,000. 778 new cases were reported from Maharashtra alone. The concerns have increased with such a significant addition in the number of cases, in one single day. 522 cases were reported only from Mumbai. This takes the total number of cases in the state to 6,427 and the number of cases in Mumbai reached 4,025.  

63% of the cases reported in Mumbai are from 8 wards. G-South ward (Haji Ali to Worli), E ward (JJ Hospital to Chinchpokli), L Ward (Chuna Bhatti), K-West ward (Vile Parle West to Oshiwara), G North (Worli to Dharavi), F North (Dadar East to Chuna Bhatti) D ward (Charni Road to Haji Ali), K East(Santacruz to Jogeshwari East) are the eight wards. 25 new cases were reported from Dharavi on Thursday. The total number of cases in Dharavi has reached 214.   

After Maharashtra, Gujarat has the maximum number of cases of Coronavirus and the number of cases is rapidly rising in Gujarat since the last week, reaching 2,407. 128 new cases were reported from Delhi on Thursday, taking the total number in the state to 2,324. The highest number of cases after this, have been reported from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.  

Lockdown has completed one month and the number of cases has increased. But the health ministry said that the spread of the pandemic could be controlled because of the lockdown. The union home ministry announced relief for some more businesses. These include shops for mobile recharge, curricular bookshops, shops selling fans and flour mills. The home ministry said that the decision of extent of relief, for the shops located in the Red Zone, has to be taken by the state government, within the framework of the rules and depending on the circumstances prevailing in the area. 

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