More funding provision required for the Navy, Naval Chief Admiral Karambir Singh

New Delhi: The Chief of the Naval Staff of the Indian Navy, Admiral Karambir Singh, expressed grave concern over the reducing share of the Navy in the defence expenditure. The Naval Chief warned that more funding provision is necessary for the Navy, in view of the increasing challenges faced by it. At the same time, Admiral Karambir Singh informed that it is a long-standing plan of the Indian Navy to have three aircraft carriers in the naval fleet.


More funding provision required for the Navy, Naval Chief Admiral Karambir SinghAdmiral Karambir Singh was speaking at a press conference held, before the Naval day. The allocation of the defence expenditure for Navy stood at 18% in the year 2012-13. The Navy chief highlighted the fact that the share has been dropped to 13% in the financial year 2018-19. Navy needs more funding. The Naval Chief clarified that the PMO had been apprised of the fact that more funds are necessary for the modernisation of the Navy and other items.

In view of the upcoming challenges, the Navy intends to have three aircraft carriers in its fleet which means two aircraft carriers can be perpetually kept ready for any eventuality. The indigenously built aircraft carrier will be fully operational by the year 2022. The Naval Chief informed that Mig-29K fighter jets would be deployed on this aircraft carrier.

Currently, the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya is operational in the Indian naval fleet. Admiral Karambir Singh informed on this occasion that even after receiving the second aircraft carrier in 2022, the Indian Navy would be trying to get one more aircraft carrier. Admiral Karambir Singh said that building of 50 more warships and submarines for the Indian Navy is already underway. The Naval Chief pointed out that the Indian Navy faces challenges like Al Qaeda. The Naval Chief expressed confidence that with the assistance from the coast guard and the other security forces, the Indian Navy will meet the challenges successfully.

Forty-one countries had been invited to participate in the Milan Naval exercises organised by the Indian Navy. Admiral Karambir Singh said that these did not include China, as it was decided that all like-minded countries should be invited for the exercises.

Indian Navy chases away Chinese ship

More funding provision required for the Navy, Naval Chief Admiral Karambir SinghNew Delhi: Chinese ship ‘Shi Yan 1’ was sailing suspiciously in the marine region near Port Blair. The Indian Navy took cognisance of its presence and chased it away.

This incident took place in September. Even in the past, Chinese ships are wandering near the Indian borders. The naval chief said that the Navy was keeping a close watch on the Chinese activities and assured the countrymen that the Indian Navy is prepared to face any challenges.

Naval chief Admiral Karambir Singh warned that if China wants to send its ships to the Indian Special Economic Zone, it will have to take permission from India.


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