Masood Azhar declared international terrorist; major political victory for India

United Nations: The UN Security Council has finally declared Maulana Masood Azhar, the Chief of Jaish-E-Mohammed, as a global terrorist. This is a major political victory for India, and this decision is being heartily welcomed from all over India. China had suspended the action against Masood Azhar, using its veto right. But this time, China has relented clearing the path for action against Masood Azhar. The Security Council decision has echoed in Pakistan, and the Pakistan government has declared that the UN Security Council decision will be implemented. This is said to be a victory for the perseverance 1.3 billion people.


There was a feeling of anger in India, against China, for protecting Masood Azhar four times, in the past. China had incited India, by deciding to protect Azhar even after the Pulwama attack. At the same time, China challenged the United States, the United Kingdom and France, who proposed the action against Azhar. But this time China faced major flak as these countries issued a final warning to China. Following this, it was clear that China was striving to steer clear of the controversy, without denting its dignity, at the same time. The Chinese foreign ministry, on Tuesday itself, has indicated that the action against Masood Azhar will not be stopped. According to that, when the resolution was presented in the UN Security Council (UNSC), it was passed as there was no opposition from China.

Therefore, Azhar is an international terrorist now, and the United States, France and the United Kingdom have welcomed this decision.

Pakistan, who was expecting this decision regarding Azhar, announced that the decision of the Security Council would be implemented. As per reports, Azhar has been placed under house arrest in Bahawalpur by the security agencies. Indications are that Pakistan will have to face major consequences of this decision in the time to come. Till date, Azhar, the chief of Jaish, was moving freely in Pakistan and spewing venom against India, in public rallies. He had shown the recklessness to threaten to carry out a terror attack in India and accept responsibility for the attacks.

This recklessness of Azhar was based on his assumption that no action can be taken against him because of Chinese support. At the same time, he was sure that the Pakistani agencies would never go against him. But Azhar had also issued a threat that there will be major bloodshed, if the Pakistan government acted against him, under pressure from India, the United States and the other western countries. It has been cleared time and again that the groups in Pakistan, who hate India, are standing firmly behind Azhar.

But now Pakistan will be forced to act against Azhar, and the whole world has received a message that Pakistan was providing all possible support to a terrorist, for all these years. Some experts claimed that action against Azhar would prove to be an action against Pakistan. Therefore, as per experts, the Chinese efforts were directed towards protecting Pakistan and not Masood Azhar.

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