Kissinger’s intervention could reduce tensions between US and Russia, says Russian Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov

Moscow/Washington: With his in depth study of US – Russia relationship, Kissinger could endeavour to improve relations between the two countries. Kissinger’s intervention could prove beneficial to reduce tensions between the two nations, so claims the Russian Presidential spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov. Right now there are no talks between US and Russia at any levels and the relationship between the two is frozen, Russia made this clear a few days back.

‘De Bild‘, Germany’s leading newspaper published an article on the changing equations  between Russia and US. Under the headlines, ‘Kissinger can prevent a new cold war, ‘ the German newspaper wrote   that he can mediate to improve relationship between the two countries. The newspaper further claims that there is reliable information that Kissinger has prepared a ‘Master Plan‘ with regards to Ukraine which has been a source of tension between US and Russia.

KissingerKissinger could mediate between America’s President Elect Donald Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Likewise, Donald Trump’s Government could proclaim Crimea to be a part   of Russia. Russia could pull out its army and other rebel groups deployed in East Ukraine, publishes the German newspaper.

A European magzine, ‘Politico ‘ has quoted that Kissinger, US’s senior diplomat often meets the Russian President. Kissinger has visited President Putin along with ‘Rex Tillerson‘ former CEO of ‘Exxon Mobil‘ and now  declared as the Secretary of  State by Trump. The newspaper reports that Kissinger is playing a vital role in this new chapter of cooperation between Trump and Putin.

Russia’s Presidential spokesperson Peskov, when approached by reporters about this news in the media, welcomed the efforts put forth by Kissinger to improve relations between Russia and US. He praised Kissinger as an intelligent politician, an expert on US – Russia relations and a person with broad experience.

On this topic, Peskov said that if Kissinger uses his experience to reduce tensions between Russia and US, then Russia certainly welcomes his efforts; whether his efforts succeed is clearly dependent on the US leadership. Russia will not interfere in the decisions taken by US.

On the other hand, Kissinger, while speaking on a news channel in US praised the leadership of the Russian President Putin. Kissinger said   that Putin is the most skilled policymaker in Russia’s history. In the same interview, Kissinger also praised Donald Trump. Trump’s election is an opportunity to reshape US foreign policy, Kissinger added. The world would get to  see a leadership in Trump so far not seen from a US leadership. The senior diplomat of US  concluded saying,  that Trump has the opportunity to become the most popular President in US history.