Indian Army destroys Pakistani bunkers at LoC

New Delhi : India is giving a befitting reply to the Pakistani Army who had issued warning by mutilating bodies of  martyred Indian soldiers. A video showing a Pakistani bunker being destroyed by an anti-tank guided missile near Jammu & Kashmir, line of control, has been surfaced online. Though the time and date of this video is not yet clear; it is seen that the Pakistani army has suffered massive loss in this attack. Indian media has hailed the news of this video and satisfaction is being expressed all over the country. 

pak-bunker-destroyedPakistani army had attacked the Indian soldiers who were patrolling along LOC in Jammu Kashmir and had committed a brutal act of beheading the martyred soldiers. This evoked ferocious reactions from all over the country. How long India should tolerate such actions by Pakistan, was a question asked by the common masses. The Indian Army however, will avenge this inhuman act of Pakistan. The Indian Defense Minister too had called on the citizens to keep faith on their defense forces. After which the Indian Army started strongly responding to the Pakistani cross border firing.

It was reported that the retaliatory action by Indian army had caused heavy damages to Pakistan. However, through the related video clip released on Monday, the damages to Pakistani army were highlighted. In this video, the destruction of Pakistani army bunkers due to the shell and mortar attack by Indian forces is clearly visible. Though the exact date of this attack is not yet confirmed, some news agencies have claimed that this attack has been launched only after the mutilation of bodies of martyred Indian army soldiers. Information on the number of Pakistani army men killed in this attack has not yet received.  However, defense analysts claim that considering the number of men deployed in such bunkers, Pakistani army might have suffered heavy casualties. 

Reportedly, the insurgents were using this Pakistani post to infiltrate Jammu & Kashmir. Therefore, this attack of Indian army is considered as an important move strategically. Former defense personnel and analysts from India are demanding that Indian forces should give such strong response to Pakistan in future too. The strong message that in future, Pakistan should not be under the misconception  that India will give a controlled response to any of their provocative attacks was ought to reach Pakistan. Ex-army officials from India are expressing their satisfaction that this message has been delivered by Indian army by destroying Pakistani bunkers. 

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