Days of expansionism are over, Indian PM warns China 

Leh: – Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a caustic attack on China, who is trying to claim rights over Indian territory, by stating that there has been major devastation of humanity because of the expansionist powers. But finally, the expansionist powers get destroyed or forced to retreat. History is the witness for this. At the same time, he wholeheartedly praised the Indian soldiers, who demonstrated bravery by gallantly fighting the deceitful Chinese attack.   


Indications of the Indian stand softening were being received from the cancellation of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Ladakh. But the Prime Minister shocked everyone by visiting Leh on Friday. According to former military officials, politicians and military analysts, this visit is a decisive warning issued to China. Saying that this is a major jolt to China, former military officers and analysts have welcomed the visit. Prime Minister Modi visited the hospital to meet the soldiers injured in the Galwan Valley incident. The Prime Minister said that the entire country is incredibly proud of the unparalleled bravery shown by the soldiers. While addressing the soldiers at Nimu in Ladakh, the Prime Minister clarified that the enemy has felt the heat of their courage and the entire world has taken note of this bravery.  

Referring to the lines written by renowned poet Ramdhari Dinkar, the Prime Minister proudly said that the bravery of the Indian soldiers was like the roar of a lion, which left the enemy trembling and shivering. At the same time, the Prime Minister asserted that all the necessary equipment and materials would be supplied to the military deployed there. Saying that the weak cannot take the initiative for peace, and this has to be done by the brave warriors, the Prime Minister indicated that this Indian policy would pursue this same path. The Prime Minister reminded that the Idol worshipped by the Indians, Lord Krishna, is the Chakradhari form of Krishna (having the lethal wheel in his hand). The Prime Minister warned China to not to take India for granted, through this message.  

The Prime Minister clarified that the morale of the Indian soldiers is of the highest order saying that the mothers of these dutiful sons, willing for the ultimate sacrifice for mother India, the country, are always on a pedestal of worship. Your courage is much taller than the height of the land you are standing on. Your resolve is as immovable as these mountains here, said the PM. China has reacted to this visit saying that referring to China as expansionist is not correct. Former military officials are expressing an opinion that this time, China has erred in provoking India, where China did not imagine of such a muzzling retaliation from India. Therefore, Chinese aggression proved to be beneficial for India, because India could openly take a stand against China. The effects of this stand will be visible shortly. 

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