Farmers should not rush for Kharif sowing

Maharashtra Chief Minister

Mumbai (Reporter) -Although monsoon has arrived in most parts of the state yet this rain is not sufficient for Kharif sowing. According to the estimate of the meterological department, good monsoon is expected only after 26th June in some parts of the state. In such a situation if sowing is taken up hurriedly, a hazard of resowing may possibly evolve. Hence, farmers should not rush for Kharif sowing, thus appealed CM Devendra Fadanvis to the farmers in the state.

Devendra-FadnavisCurrently, monsoon has arrived in many parts of the state. Considering the present rainfall and expected satisfactory good rains, farmers have got ready with their Kharif sowing with enthusiasm. Yet, there is still some time for Kharif sowing. The meterological department has estimated a possibility of more adequate rainfall in a few days to come. Especially, Nashik and some parts of Vidharba are still deprived of sufficient rainfall. Same situation is faced by one or two districts of Marathwada. Satisfactory rains are expected in these parts after 26th June. Hence, the farmers from these areas should not hurry for Kharif sowing, appealed the Chief Minister.Farmers should not rush for Kharif sowing

Meanwhile, sufficient fertilisers and seeds are made available in the state for the Kharif season. A stay has been laid on the seed price hike for selling by Mahabeej. Also, as there is no price hike for cotton seeds and a very negligible price hike for Soyabean seeds, they were not included in the stay order. The farmers who have purchsed seeds on a higher price by Mahabeej before the government’s decision, will get back the extra amount charged to them deposited into their account. But, it is necessary for the farmers to preserve the receipts of the seeds purchased.

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