Drone surveying in Rajouri Sector, captured, two youth arrested  

Srinagar: – A drone carrying out surveillance in the Rajouri sector, in Jammu-Kashmir, has been seized. The seized drone has video recording capability. Two youth have been detained in this connection and the police informed that they are being interrogated.  

The police patrol unit, deployed in the Gurjar Mandi area of the Rajouri sector, noticed a light in the sky, on the DC Office road. The unit was alerted because of this. More units were in the area after the incident and the search for the drone was initiated. However, the drone disappeared in some time.  

An extensive search operation was launched for the drone, taking cognisance of the fact that the high-security zones were being surveyed with the drone. Finally, the police were successful in locating the drone. Two youth have been detained in this connection. They have been subjected to intense interrogated, as the drone was used in the prohibited sensitive area. The security agencies have been alerted, as the drone had video recording capability. It is being investigated as to what was the drone being used for and which areas have been video graphed with the drone.  

This drone seized in the Rajouri sector is useful for videography. But it has been observed in the past that such drones have been used for arms smuggling. Last year, between 9th and 16th September, 80 Kilograms of ammunition was seized in the Amritsar and Tarn Taran districts of Punjab. All this ammunition had been delivered using drones.   

Major movements for infiltration, have been noted at the terrorist bases across the border. The misadventures of the terrorists are continuing even during this Coronavirus crisis. While the Chief of Army Staff, General Naravane informed that all the measures are being taken to safeguard the soldiers of the Indian Army, from Coronavirus, the Army is in a state of high alert to stop the infiltration from across the border. 

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