Documents will be revealed to prove innocence of Lt. Col. Purohit

Plot Aginst India

As per the documents received from the Ministry of Defence, Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit who has been under-arrest for last 8 years, will be cleared of all the charges in the Court, source says.

Few officers concerned with the case have come forth and have disclosed of Lt. Col. Purohit being a victim of political interference. They have also testified that Malegaon blast and Samjhauta Express blast investigations had actually found evidence of involvement of Pakistan, which was unfortunately sidelined later.

37 people had died in the Malegaon blast which took place in the year 2008. Lt. Col. Purohit was accused along with Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pradgya in this case. Ironically, investigation agencies had a few years back declared that all the three accused were arrested as they had found evidences against them. Also, agencies had repeatedly reported of Lt. Col. Purohit and some Hindutva groups having involvement in these cases. In 2010, the then Union Home Minister, P. Chidambaram had called this ‘Saffron Terror’ that was increasing day by day, badly affecting integrity and security of India. He had also claimed of ‘Saffron Terror’ denting India’s image in the international community. But now both the cases are revealing of not the saffron terror but Pakistan as being responsible for these terror acts, reinforcing the findings established in the early investigations. 

The Maharashtra ATS had recently revealed involvement of Pakistan in the Malegaon blast case. But later all the investigations were handed over to the NIA. NIA further negated investigation findings of Maharashtra ATS and rather declared of having found proofs of Lt. Col. Purohit involvement. But with these claims and even as 8 years have passed NIA has failed to file chargesheet against Lt. Col. Purohit.

But in the last few weeks this case has taken a dramatic turn and many of the officers and witnesses concerned with the case have claimed of implicating Lt. Col. Purohit purposely but under threat and pressure. Lt. Col. Purohit has already stated of not being guilty. Rather he has claimed of working for Military Intelligence where he was trying to get the information on SIMI, Indian Mujahiddin and various naxal activities. He also claims to have managed to gather valuable intelligence on them which he had reported to his senior officers. In a letter to the Defence Ministry, Lt. Col. Purohit claims of availability of the necessary documents to prove his claims. Lt. Col. Purohit has blamed of harassment at hands of few officers who were trying to make him accept the things they wanted to. He expresses regret at having been robbed of honors and dignity, and being punished for serving the nation.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has ordered the Army to assess the documents Lt. Col. Purohit has sought to prove his innocence said Nila Gokhale, Lt. Col. Purohit’s counsel. Also, NIA Director-General Sharad Kumar has reportedly said that Lt. Col. Purohit’s name was unnecessarily dragged in the case even as the involvement of a Pakistani national Arif Kasmani, a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative was very clear. At same time some news channels have also claimed of the named Pakistani terrorist being released even after having sufficient evidence against him.

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