“Despite opposition from Syria, Turkey increases its army deployment in Syria”

Damascus : A few hours ago, Syria had demanded that Turkey immediately recall its military from Syria. But ignoring this demand from the Syrian government, Turkey has intensified its crusade to box in the Kurds in Syria. As Turkey continues to increase its forces in the Idlib province in Northern Syria, there are reports that soon a conflict could flare between the Kurds and Turkey in Syria.


Last week Turkey had injected large number of troops in the Idlib province of Syria. For the first time, hundreds of Turkish soldiers, tanks, military vehicles had entered Syria. Turkey had claimed that this military deployment is to enforce ceasefire in the safe zones in Syria. Turkey also declared that this deployment is as per the terms of the agreement in ‘Astana’ and it is in contact with Russia regarding this matter. But Turkey’s military deployment in Idlib is unacceptable by Syria.

In order to enforce ceasefire in Syria and to provide aid to people, talks were going on between Russia, Turkey and Iran since the month of March last year. So far, this trilateral meet has occurred six times in ‘Astana’, the capital of Kazakhstan. As decided in these meetings, ceasefire has been enforced in 5 places in Syria. These meetings being held under the initiative of Russia, enjoyed the support of the Assad reign. It was also made clear that the decisions of these meetings will be abided by the government of Syria and its military.

But the military deployment of Turkey in Syria is an intrusion in the country and an open invasion, criticized the Syrian ministry of external affairs. The ministry also said that Turkey cannot back this intrusion in by bringing forth the Astana agreement. Turkey has violated the Astana agreement, by deploying its military in Idlib without the permission of Syria. Syria also accused that Turkey’s military intrusion is an attack on Syria’s sovereignty and security.

After this criticism, Turkey increased its military deployment thus making its intentions clear. In last few hours more Turkish tanks have entered Syria from the ‘Bab al-Hawa Border crossing’. Four divisions of Turkey’s army had already been deployed in Idlib. Around 200 Turkish military personnel have been deployed in the Idlib’s Kurd controlled area and are in the process of putting up security posts. At the same time it is claimed that Turkey is slowly increasing its troop deployment in the Kurdish ‘Afreen’ region.

This stationing of troops by Turkey is accused of being Anti-Kurdish. In the Syrian conflict, the US is taking the help of Kurds and Turkey disapproves of it. The Erdoğan government had declared ‘PKK’ a Kurdish organization in Turkey, as a terrorist organization and it accuses the Kurdish organization in Syria to be aligned with ‘PKK’. It is being said that since the current relations of Turkey with the US are tensed, Turkey has planned to launch attacks on these Kurds. Turkey has refuted these accusations. But there is a grave possibility that this military deployment could prolong the dispute between pro-Russian Syria and Turkey.

Meanwhile, as military deployments are in progress, Turkey has started its operations in Syria. Turkey has said that it has initiated military and air force operations on ‘IS‘ terrorists near Syrian border.

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