Those who hurt Indian pride will face crushing retaliation, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh warns China

Bengaluru: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh warned that the head of every Indian, who is informed of the bravery and restraint of the Indian Soldiers during the conflict on the Line of Actual Control at Ladakh (LAC), will be held high with pride. However, if a strong power hurts the Indian pride, it will face a crushing retaliation from the Indian soldiers.

The Defence Minister was addressing retired Indian soldiers, at a function held in Bengaluru. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh cited the developments on the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan and the LAC with China. Pakistan is consistently violating the ceasefire and resorting to cross border firing. The Defence Minister said that Indian soldiers are aptly replying to the Pakistani firing. At the same time, the Defence Minister proudly mentioned the bravery of the Indian soldiers on the LAC with China. Rajnath Singh complimented ‘I don’t know, how many Indians know the bravery and patience demonstrated by the Indian soldiers on the LAC at Ladakh. But those who know it, their heads will be held high with pride.’

Those who hurt Indian pride will face crushing retaliation, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh warns ChinaThe Defence Minister warned that India does not want war with its neighbours and expects friendship with neighbours. India will never hurt the pride of any other country. But if someone tries to hurt the Indian Pride, they will face a crushing retaliation from the Indian soldiers. The Defence Minister has been issuing such warnings consistently, since the last few weeks and is directly referring to China. At the same time, the country’s Defence Chief, Army Chief and Airforce Chief are consistently visiting the LAC in Ladakh and reviewing the preparedness level there. This is not a mere coincidence. Moreover, there are indications that these are directly linked to Chinese activities.

20 Indian soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were martyred in the cowardly attack by the Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley on the LAC in Ladakh. But, China suffered major losses in the conflict that followed. However, China has not revealed the number of soldiers it lost during the conflict. China is attempting to hide the fact that its army suffered more losses than the Indian Army. Even after this, the Indian soldiers continued the infrastructure facilities development works, ignoring the Chinese pressure. This has eased the transport and deployment of the Indian Army. Moreover, the Indian soldiers gained control, over the strategic hills to the south of the Pangong Tso lake. In the last few days of August, last year, China had made preparations to deploy military equipment on these hills to strengthen its claim. Therefore, the acquisition of these strategic hills by the Indian soldiers came as a major jolt to China.

The Chinese military attempted two attacks to take control of these hills. But the Indian soldiers repealed the attacks. Reports were received that Chinese President Xi Jinping lambasted the concerned military officials, taking serious cognisance of this failure. After that, senior Chinese officials have been transferred and replaced with new officials. Deployment of thousands of soldiers on the LAC during the winter too disgraced China. Reports of Chinese soldiers shivering in the cold and taking ill were received.

Western analysts have expressed a frank opined that India emerged a winner in the Ladakh conflict; this is a warning bell for China. Upset with this, China is trying to deliver a jolt to India on the LAC in Ladakh, to regain its pride. The Chinese efforts in that direction are becoming visible. At the same time, reports of China withdrawing 10,000 soldiers from the Ladakh region have been received. There is a dense possibility that China is devising an evil plan for some action, by making India reduce the level of preparedness, by spreading such rumours. But the Indian Army has increased the level of preparedness, not only in Ladakh but the entire LAC with China. Chief of Army Staff Manoj Mukund Naravane made this announcement.

Against this background, Defence Minister Raj Nath Sing is consistently issuing warnings to China. The Defence Minister is delivering the message to China that it will be jolted if it tries to hurt the Indian pride.

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