Dangerous Corona strain found in Andhra Pradesh

New Delhi: A new strain of Coronavirus, found in Andhra Pradesh, is spreading 15 times faster. It is more harmful than the previous strains known. The scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) have claimed it. Scientifically, it has been named N440K. It has also been called the AP Strain.


Dangerous Corona strain found in Andhra PradeshThe total number of Coronavirus patients in the country has crossed 20 million. The number of active cases has reached 3.5 million. In this scenario, a tremendous strain has been created on the health systems. On Monday, the health ministry revealed comforting information that the number of cases per day have stabilised in 13 states. Besides, the nation has also observed a decline in some places. The Corona positivity rate has reduced in 12 districts of Maharashtra. On Tuesday, Maharashtra recorded 51,800 new cases and 811 deaths. The number of new cases reported on Tuesday is less as compared to the last week.

On the one hand, where the number of new cases is reducing in some states, indicating the chain is being broken, the numbers grow in some other states. These include the state of Andhra Pradesh. CCMB scientists claimed to have found a new strain of Coronavirus in Andhra Pradesh. This strain was found at Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. It has been claimed in a news report, quoting CCMB, that this strain N440K is faster spreading and a more virulent strain than the B1.617 and B1.618 variants.

As per the scientists, the patient suffers from Hypoxia within 3 to 4 days from acquiring the infection. The patient has difficulty in breathing and the condition deteriorates. As per the CCMB scientists, there is a dire need to make Oxygen available to the patient. This new strain spread to the youth and children; experts have warned that immediate measures are necessary to break the chain of this strain to stop its spread. Meanwhile, neither the health department nor ICMR has given any information regarding the new strain.

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