Chinese planes intruded into Taiwanese airspace 380 times

Taipei: The tension between China and Taiwan has peaked, for the first time since the decade of 1990 and Chinese airplanes have intruded a whopping 380 times, into the Taiwanese airspace, in the last year. Last week, there had been intrusion attempts even in the buffer zone between the two countries and the Taiwanese Defence Minister expressed concerns that the tension has increased on Taiwan.  

It has been observed that against the Coronavirus pandemic background, the People’s Liberation Army of China has increased the scope of its aggressive activities. The Ruling communist party in China and the military officials are openly threatening to attacks and take over Taiwan. The Chinese destroyers and submarines, along with the aircraft carrier are holding war exercises near the Taiwanese marine region, on a regular basis. It is also being said that China has kept its military bases in a state of readiness for an attack on Taiwan.   

Simultaneously, the Chinese air force is continuously hovering in the airspace to increase the Taiwanese defence forces’ pressure. Along with the fighter jets, bombers and planes equipped for electronic warfare, are being sent to the Taiwanese airspace. In the first five days of the new year, Chinese airplanes have intruded twice in the Taiwanese airspace. In the last year, the Chinese airplanes have intruded 380 times in the Taiwanese airspace.   

The Taiwanese Defence Minister De-Fa informed that the Taiwanese jets had to make 3,000 flights stop intercepting the Chinese airplanes, which cost $900 million. Reports had also been received that Taiwan also used a missile system to drive the Chinese jets away. Taiwanese and Western analysts are claiming that these Chinese intrusion attempts are a part of the policy, to wear out the Taiwanese defence forces.   

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