China warns over the Taiwanese delegation‘s visit to India

Beijing : China has registered protest over a 3 member parliamentary delegation from Taiwan which has visited India. Taiwan is a part of China and India must  not challenge the ‘One-China’ policy, said the Foreign Ministry of China. Chinese Government newspaper ‘Global Times’ has censured  India and said she is playing with fire. India, however, denied these accusations and made it clear that there is nothing unusual in the visit of this delegation from Taiwan.


China warns over the Taiwanese delegation‘s visit to India

From Monday, the three member parliamentary delegation from Taiwan has begun its India visit. The delegation is in India to participate in a programme organized by ‘India Taipei Association’. However China, which has claimed Taiwan to be a part of China and not an independent nation, has objected to this visit. Chinese government is the only bonafide representative of Taiwan. Hence, China said that she was objecting to this so-called delegation from Taiwan visiting India. China expects that all the nations having diplomatic ties with China should accept the ‘One-China’policy. India also should respect this policy of China, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang.

China warns over the Taiwanese delegation‘s visit to India

The Chinese state newspaper the ‘Global Times’, has however, warned India over this visit. Even the US President Donald Trump has given up challenging the ‘One-China’ policy. Under these circumstances, India has been playing with fire by inviting the Taiwanese delegation, criticizes an article published in the  ‘Global Times’. China has been developing with Pakistan a project, ‘Economic Corridor’ which runs through the controversial territory of Kashmir. The article claims that India has invited the Taiwanese delegation to challenge China over this issue.

India seems to have resorted to this action assuming the question of Taiwan to be the Chinese Achilles’ heel. The daily, however warns that this policy may cause a heavy loss to India. However, while speaking on the subject, the spokesperson Vikas Swarup from the Ministry of External Affairs denied these accusations. There are no political motives behind the Taiwanese delegations visit to India. This is a private visit of the delegation for the purpose of trade, religion and tourism. Such delegations from Taiwan may also be visiting China. As such there is nothing objectionable about this, claimed Vikas Swarup.

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