British PM being pushed for ‘Hard Brexit’ due to growing demands from EU and British political circles

Brussels/London : Against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s victory in the US, the growing support for right-wing leaders in Europe and irresponsible statements made by the British leaders, the pressure for demanding ‘Hard Brexit’ appears to be escalating. Senior EU sources inform that the EU’s meeting has been successful to achieve a consensus to force a ‘Hard Brexit’ on the British leaders. Nevertheless, more than 60 members of the British parliament have come together in support of ‘Hard Brexit’. The recent developments around ‘Brexit’ seem to have added to the British Prime Minister Teresa May’s prevailing challenges.

Theresa-MayWhile claiming to have reached a consensus amongst the EU leaders on ‘Hard Brexit’, one of the top EU diplomat said that if Britain is not willing to compromise on the migration policy, ‘Hard Brexit’ remains the only alternative. Otherwise, it would appear that EU is giving in to the demands of a country leaving the EU. This would be detrimental to the existence of the EU. David McAllister, a member of the European parliament and Vice President of the ‘European People’s Party’ also ratified the claim.

David McAllister while assuring that ‘Hard Brexit’ was the only alternative for Britain clearly said that Britain can’t be given access to keep 100% control over internal migration, while it continues to make demands like not being willing to accept any financial burden and not being willing to accept any rulings of the European Court of Justice. This would not work. The British leaders were testing the European unity. They are doing this as a bloc and Britain would not get what it wishes for.

While certain disagreements have surfaced within Britain’s ruling party in the past few days, many statements made by the leaders contradict the others’. Nevertheless, it is also being claimed that the British Government does not have any concrete plan or policy for deliberations on ‘Brexit’. Against this backdrop, it is quite evident that the European leaders have taken an aggressive stand to press ‘Hard Brexit’ as the only option on the British leaders.

Hard-Brexit-or-Soft-BrexitThe European leaders had criticized the outcome of June 23rd referendum wherein the British people had voted in favour of ‘Brexit’. It now appears that even in Britain, a huge faction of the industrial sector and political circle were unhappy with ‘Brexit’. Against this backdrop, two alternatives of ‘Soft Brexit’ and ‘Hard Brexit’ have emerged. The option of ‘Soft Brexit’ would allow Britain access to the European single market in exchange for acceptance of migrants and requisite contribution of funds towards the EU budget.

‘Hard Brexit’ would not allow Britain a single market access and in exchange would include facilities like not needing to contribute in the EU budget and getting the right to control the immigrants. A big faction of Britain’s political circle is in favour of ‘Hard Brexit’ and around 60 parliamentary members support it. This faction includes seven ex-ministers who claim that ‘Hard Brexit’ alone would honour the decision made by the people.

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