Even if leaders like Wilders and Le Pen are defeated, unrest against EU may persist : British research group

London : A wave of unrest against the European Union (EU) has gripped the entire Europe. The parties with aggressive ideology, who oppose EU, may demand referendum in their respective countries. It is possible in France, Netherlands and Italy. The parties with aggressive ideology in these countries, are putting up a lot of pressure on the major political parties. The pressure is so intense that even if the leaders of these parties will not get opportunity to lead their countries, the demand for referendum shall be pushed ahead, warned Mark Little wood, the Director General of ‘Institute of Economic Affairs’ in Britain.


Even if leaders like Wilders and Le Pen are defeated, unrest against EU may persist : British research group

Presidential elections will be held in the next three months in two counties of Europe – France and Netherlands. In both the countries, the established political parties, which are supporters of EU, are facing tough challenge. Various surveys are predicting Marine Le Pen of ‘Front National Party’ in France and Geert Wilders of ‘Party for Freedom’ in Netherlands, to be close to Victory. However, some analysts and groups have predicted that these two leaders will not be able to get absolute victories.

Against this background, the warning of Mark Littlewood, plays an important role. Littlewood has claimed that the opposition to the European Union among the people of Europe is intensifying. The European people across many countries, are demanding referendum. The ruling governments will find it difficult to ignore this demand. If the founder-member countries like Netherlands and France exit from the EU, it will be an embarrassing situation for the EU. The EU will then lose its reputation, warned Littlewood. If the other countries follow the suit and decide to leave EU, then the EU will have to force change and its order will be reconstructed, stated the Director General of the ‘Institute of Economic Affairs’.

Geert Wilders has also endorsed the warning issued by Mark Littlewoods. In an interview, Wilders said that no one can stop the process of end of European Union. Comparing the European Union with the ancient Roman civilization, he stated that some leaders are struggling to postpone its end. At the same time, he also criticized that the European leaders have failed to understand the rising influence of the ‘nationalist policy’ in Europe. Wilders also warned that if the established political parties of Netherlands refuse to accept him after the elections, their efforts would boomerang on them and it would lead to a revolution in the country.

In the meantime, ‘Daily Express’, a British newspaper has published a news report in which it is claimed that the parties having aggressive ideology are receiving increasing support in countries like Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, France.

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