84 killed in attacks in French city of Nice

Nice (News Agency) – On Friday the 15th of July, the National Day celebrations in Nice, a French city, turned into a dreadful scene as a truck rampaged over 150 French citizens. People had gathered on the roads there to watch the fireworks that were organised to celebrate the occasion of the National Day.This incident killed about 84 people and has left many more critically injured. Currently France is completely under threat, a sit is experiencing a second terror attack within a time frame of just 8 months. The French president Mr. Francis Hollande, in his address has mentioned that this occurrence is an attack on the long cherished virtues of France, the qualities of independence, equality and friendship.


attacks in France

France had witnessed a brutal terror attack just eight month back and it had horrified the entire world. France is still under serious threat, and is coping very hard to come out of the tragedy. The intelligence agencies of several countries had been alerting France,but this attack has come as a complete surprise, as it has been executed in a totally unexpected and different manner.

The crowd was on streets of Nice to celebrate the French National Day, which is where they were rampaged by a truck. This attack took place so abruptly that it stunned everybody, and the crowds took several minutes to actually understand what really was happening. A truck ran down over 150 people in a two kilometer circumference. This act of terror was staged for about half an hour and ended when the security forces gunned down the attacker, who was driving the truck.However before the attacker could be shot down, a road stretching to around 150 kilometers was completely immersed in a pool of blood.

The driver of the truck was identified on the basis of papers acquired from the truck. According to the information that has been published, the name of the attacker is Mohamed Bouhlel. He is a French national of Tunisian origin.He has earlier been abducted for carrying out several small crimes, but his name has never been featured in the list of individuals who were suspected to be involved in terrorist activities or training.The French machinery also confirmed that he was not carrying guns or any other weapons. Speculations are being made about the possibility of him being in contact with some terrorist organisations.

According to eyewitnesses,Bouhlel had a sinister devil like laughter on his face, when he was crushing down people under his truck. Till date no terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack. However this violence could have been carried out by the ’ISIS’, as they have via the social media, expressed joy on this incident.

This type of a terror attack is the first of its kind. It is for the very first time that a vehicle has been used to carry out an attack. The French intelligence agencies had never ever thought that an attack of this nature would be carried out some day. The media is targeting and criticizing the French intelligence agencies as well as President Hollande for this attack.

In the year 2014, the ‘ISIS’ spokesperson, Mohamed Al Adnani had appealed through a video message to all ISIS followers, to use different methods to carry out terror strikes on the Western countries. He through this video had advised his followers that if they could not kill the citizens of the western world with guns and bombs, they should then use their vehicles to kill them. In all probability it seems that attacker Bouhlel must have followed this very advice of Adnani.

Post the attack, entire France is under terror.The people of France are completely shocked and shattered.Even the French President was very emotional while addressing the nation. He said that this attack was an attack on the nation’s long cherished values. He further warned the attackers that France would retaliate to this terror attack with a strong rejoinder. The entire international community has severely criticized this occurrence. The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has also strongly condemned this attack.

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