‘Marine Le Pen’ will take to Presidency of France indicates reigning President Hollande

Paris : Marine Le Pen has declared that on being elected as the President of France, she will have the ‘Euro’ deported. Though François Hollande the current President of France, has assured of doing everything in his power to refrain Marine. At the same time Hollande has also accepted that Marine holds a great chance of being elected in the coming elections by the majority. He further warns that if this happens, then it may prove lethal for France.


The first stage of the elections in France will take place on 23rd of April, it is being predicted that Marine Le Pen of the ‘Front National’ party will lead in that. Marine who belongs to the right-wing politics, is getting tremendous response from the people of France, and owing to this the French media has been predicting her victory. Marine too has been on an aggressive spree of conveying her aims and policies upfront. While addressing the trade sector of France, Marine declared that she will free her country from the ‘Euro’.

Freeing France from the clutches of the Euro will be her prime goal claimed Marine. Calling Euro a dead currency, she announced that it will be replaced with France having its own independent currency and this change shall be given utmost importance by her. Marine has also spoken of supporting the trade sector of France. Pulling France out of the European Union, rebuking against refugees etc. are some top policies being proclaimed by ‘Marin Le Pen’, and the same has been receiving great response in France. While her victory is deemed evident, the current President, François Hollande has expressed concern over it.

Hollande has steadily indicated that in these elections Marine Le Pen might win and become the next President of France. Never in the history of France, has a right-wing political party been as successful. Marine’s success will not only impact France, but entire Europe. Hollande further warned that this may prove lethal for France and may even weaken the European Union. Yet if so happens, Hollande claimed that he would resolve to oppose this with all his strength.

Some newspapers have reported statements from Hollande’s interviews that he would put all his efforts to stop Marine from becoming the President and that he thinks of this as his foremost duty.

Meanwhile, like in other European countries, France too has extreme views and differences about immigrants and its participation in the European Union. Refugees may wipe out their country’s original identity, is the concern expressed by powerful nations like France and Germany. Even comparatively smaller nations have prepared to protest against pro-refugee policies. Moreover, post Brexit, France too has been under pressure to exit from EU and Marine has been lending her support to this. Marine has also spoken of how accepting the ‘Euro’ has turned out to be a plight for the French economy.

It is apparent that Marine’s standpoint drastically differs from that of the established President and the ruling political party. The citizen’s response to Marine’s views has also shaken the opponents. And hence Hollande has been implying how Marine can become the next President and thus is asking all the opponents to refute in union.

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