Italy to block boats carrying Immigrants – Italy warns the European Union

Rome : A whopping ten thousand African immigrants tried to intrude in Italy from past four days. Enraged reactions have come against this intrusion from Italy, and warnings have been given to block immigrant’s boats. More than 70 thousand immigrants have arrived in Italy from start of this year.


In last four days 10 thousand immigrants have arrived in Italy through the Mediterranean Sea. This is an out of hand event for Italy. If it continues then Italy would be forced to ban boats carrying immigrants warned European Federation official from Italy, Marijio Masari. Italian Prime Minister expressed his disappointment over this issue.

“Other countries in Europe should stop the form of insignificance assuming that this is not their problem”. Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni expressed his anger in such words and also informed that they would notto continue the proceedings as it was till today. Italy’s former Prime Minister Matio Renzi has also taken an aggressive role, claiming that people of the country are upset with the situation.

Immigrants who are illegally entering into Europe are trying to enter Italy through Libya. Human trafficking groups in Libya have been shown to put hundreds of immigrants on small boats and leave them in sea. The rescue works of these immigrants is carried by NGOs from Europe and EU.

However the entire burden of this has fallen on Italy and it has been observed that other countries have not been able to provide adequate support to Italy. At the same time it has been clear that the efforts of the Federation to prevent immigrants from Libya and other countries in Africa have certainly failed. Italy is strongly resentful about the inefficiency of the EU and as an enraged response they have warned to block vessels carrying immigrants.

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