US will not talk to Taliban, says President Donald Trump

Washington : The US has reacted strongly to the three terrorist attacks in Kabul in the last ten days. After these attacks, the US President Trump has rejected the possibility of talks with Taliban. He has issued a stern warning that the US will not stop short of finishing Taliban who are killing innocent people. Therefore, it appears that the the US anti-terrorist actions in Afghanistan will intensify.


President-Donald-TrumpMore than 150 people have lost their lives in the terror attacks in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The attacks orchestrated by the Taliban and the IS have posed fresh challenges in front of Afghanistan as well as the US. The US announced its Afghanistan policy a few months ago. The policy stated tough action against Taliban and other terrorist organisations. The policy also warned Pakistan about action against them for sheltering Taliban.

Subsequently, Taliban retaliated against the US by executing the terror attacks in Afghanistan. Taliban showed their strength by attacking the Afghan military and the population. The US thereafter, decided to increase the number of its personnel in Afghanistan. The US also deployed fighter aircrafts like the ‘A-10 thunderbolt’. The Taliban and the IS have carried out three attacks in 10 days, while this process is on, challenging the US. American president Trump has declared that there will be no negotiations with Taliban and announced the resolve to finish Taliban.

Trump said ‘US will do the work of finishing Taliban, which can not be done by anyone else’. US had given indications that it was prepared for talks with Taliban. But, by stating that there will be no negotiations with the killers of innocent women and children, president Trump has disposed the possibility off. According to the analysts, this means that American actions against Taliban will become more aggressive. It is claimed that this will also affect Pakistan. Russia, Pakistan and China, collectively, are trying to talk to Taliban. They are preparing to resolve the Afghanistan problem in this way. But, it is evident that even this process has been jolted due to the terror attacks. The US is most likely to carry out stronger attacks on the Taliban after this. The US may give some severe shocks even to Pakistan for sheltering Taliban, are the indications from president Trump’s statements.

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