Pakistani ‘ISI’ behind Kabul attacks, alleges Afghanistan

Washington : The Afghanistan envoy to the United Nations, Mahmoud Saikal, has alleged that ISI, the intelligence agency of Pakistan, has trained the terrorists involved in the attacks carried out on a five-star hotel in Kabul ten days ago. Saikal demanded that the United Nations should take strict action against Pakistan for being involved in such terrorist act.


Kabul suffered a horrific terror attack on one five-star hotel ten days back. 40 people lost their lives in the attack. The Afghanistan agencies arrested the father of one of the terrorists, Abdul Qahar, involved in this attack recently. During interrogation he accepted that his son was trained by ISI in Chaman in the Baluchistan region, said Saikal.

Kabul-attacks-Alleges-AfghanistanAfghanistan had also alleged of Pakistani involvement in the attacks on Saturday and Monday. The Afghanistan envoy to the US, Majeed Qarar, blamed Pakistan of supplying arms and other aid to Lashkar-e-Taiba in Jammu-Kashmir and Taliban in Afghanistan. Although the attack on the military academy in Kabul, on Monday, was carried out by the IS, there is evidence that the Pakistan army is behind the attacks. The terrorists had the goggles that are used by the Pakistan army. In these words Qarar alleged that the attack was orchestrated by Pakistan.

Meanwhile, demanding action under the Security Council rules against Pakistan for aiding terrorists the Afghanistan envoy, Saikal, clarified that no country is backing Pakistan on the terrorism issue. No nation is denying that there are ‘Safe Havens’ for terrorists in Pakistan. But, now the situation demands a stronger action against Pakistan, appealed Saikal.

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