US Secretary of State Blinken warns all companies involved in Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline to quit

Washington/Berlin: – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a stern warning, ‘All the companies participating in the Nord Stream-2 project face sanctions from the United States. Therefore, all the companies should immediately withdraw from the projects.’ The Biden administration in the United States is preparing to impose additional sanctions against the concerned fuel pipeline. The indications are that it will include Nord Stream-2 AG, the company fully responsible for the project.   


russia-germany-fuel-pipelineAgainst the background of decade-old disputes with Ukraine and the conflict in 2004, Russia started exploring alternative routes to supply fuel to the European countries. Nord Stream is an important part of this plan, and the first phase has already been activated. The first phase has a capacity to supply 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas.  

The plan is to take this capacity to 110 billion cubic metres with the implementation of Nord Stream-2. Russia and Germany have already signed an agreement for this purpose, and both countries are working to take the project forward. The cost outlay for the project is USD 11 billion, and the project is said to be in the final stages. But the United States is exerting inordinate pressure on Germany to stop the project.   

Former US President Donald Trump had imposed sanctions against the European as well as Russian companies connected to the project. The policy will continue, and the Biden administration has said that every option will be explored to prevent the completion of the project.   

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