Russia criticises US decision to recognise Western Sahara as part of Morocco

Moscow/Algiers: – Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, criticised, ‘The US decision to accept sovereign rights of Morocco on western Sahara becomes unilateral. The concerned US announcement violates international regulations.’ Following Russia, Moroccan neighbour, Algeria, also lashed out at the US decision and warned that this would destabilise the region.   

us-russia-13-dec-2An extremist Group in Morocco has said that the Morocco-Israel cooperation is unacceptable to them. Last week, US President Donald Trump announced collaboration between Israel and Morocco. Before making this announcement, President Trump endorsed the Moroccan sovereign right over Western Sahara. President Trump clarified that no one could dispute the Moroccan sovereign right over Western Sahara. Whereas, in the next few hours, David Fisher, the US Ambassador to Morocco, published a map of Morocco including Western Sahara.   

Russia, who has made massive military investments in the Moroccan neighbour Algeria, reacted sharply to the announcement. Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, criticised, ‘The United Nations is in existence to decide Western Sahara. The US decision is unilateral and violates international regulations.’ At the same time, Bogdanov advised that the Arab countries should not establish cooperation with Israel, compromising the interests of the Palestinians.  

Algeria is one of the major buyers of arms from Russia on the African continent. At the same time, Algeria has expressed interest in purchasing the S-400 system.  

Meanwhile, following Russia, Abdelaziz Djerad, the Prime Minister of Algeria, expressed regret over the US announcements of sovereign Moroccan right over Western Sahara and Israel-Morocco cooperation. This foreign interference in the north African countries increases instability in the region. The Algerian Prime Minister warned that because of this cooperation between Israel and Morocco, Israel has reached till the Algerian border. 

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