US military’s DARPA to research drones that could be controlled by soldiers’ minds

Third World WarWashington: The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the US military is researching on drones and cyber computer defence that could be controlled with a soldier’s mind, run under the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) program. This information was disclosed in a function organised by a US university. While these reports are being received, President Trump has issued orders to the Pentagon to increase the production of small drones.


US military, DARPA, sondiersDARPA is researching interfacing the thought waves coming from a human brain to issue orders to the drones. There will be no surgery necessary on the soldier, and there is no need for any additional attachments. Jacob Robinson from the Rice University informed that a specially developed helmet would communicate with the soldier’s brain and he will be able to issue instructions to the drone or cyber computer defence. Robinson also explained the background behind the research.

In order to execute the thoughts and decision process occurring in the brain, movement of muscle is crucial and is required to use a machine. This process consumes a lot of time and so to limit this time, it is necessary to activate the mechanism directly with one’s brain. After this, the process speeds up. DARPA is researching with the same objective. With this, the soldier will be able to activate a drone, robot or computer cyber defence, using only the brain. Jacob Robinson claimed that no extra efforts are necessary for this.

This will activate the systems in just about 50 milliseconds. Therefore, the saved time will prove decisive, indicated Professor Robinson. This is not a new technology. But there is no surgery necessary to connect this system to the human brain, and it is a new feature, claimed Robinson. However, Robinson also pointed out the possibility of misuse of the system and the rise of many ethical and social issues.

US military, DARPA, sondiersAs per Professor Robinson, this can very quickly be an encroachment of one’s privacy. This new technology will be implemented by the year 2023. He added that even a disabled person could get his work done by activating a system using his brain. At the same time, Robinson said that this technology would be commercially available in the next 10 to 20 years.

Meanwhile, this DARPA research will change the war techniques shortly and will have significant effects on the battlefield. Against the background of the information given by Professor Robinson, it is reported that President Trump has issued essential orders to the Pentagon. Trump has said that Pentagon must increase the production of small drones. The US President also has instructed Pentagon to purchase equipment to manufacture and maintain these small drones on a large scale.

President Trump also claimed that the manufacture of the ‘Unmanned Aerial Systems-US’ is vital from the US security point of view.

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