US forces to participate in war against Taliban in Afghanistan

Washington, June 10th (Newsagency)- Over the last few months, the Taliban has intensified its attacks in Afghanistan and by claiming parts of land, is evidently preparing to establish its dominance in Afghanistan all over again. In the light of this situation, President Obama has instructed US forces that have stayed away from the conflict in Afghanistan to now participate in the conflict the Taliban. Also, the Obama administration has made an important decision of increasing the scope of Drone attacks in Afghanistan.



On the one hand, the Obama government announced withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, it has, on the other, decided to intensify the conflict. which information was to the media by officers of the US department of Defence. This decision that grants special powers to the US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan will not only authorize them to to impart training to the Afghan army and the police but also to take part in combat.

Apart from the Afghan army, American troops may execute action with the help of the militia which would include groups that, separating from the Taliban, participated in government action Until now, the US had countered the Taliban jointly with the Afghan army. But, the new authority can widen the scope of US action in the Afghanistan war. However, the officials stated that clear information would follow an official announcement in the matter.

In 2006, the American military had assumed a similar role against Al-Qaeda in Iraq. A mission to counter terrorism was launched with the help of the ‘Awakening Council’, an armed group that had separated from the Al-Qaeda in Iraq. . After the success of this mission led by the former Director of the CIA, General David Petraeus, in Iraq, the same plot was going to be implemented in Afghanistan. But by the time it could happen, the American President Barack Obama, had already schedule for the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan.

According to this schedule, in the last year and a half, more than 12,000 American soldiers, in Afghanistan, had refrained from direct combat. At present, there are 9800 American soldiers in Afghanistan who are expected to return by the end of this year. A few months ago, the White House declared that this schedule for the withdrawal of troops.would see no changes. However, in the light of the changing circumstances in Afghanistan , it is likely that the US may reconsider its decision of troop withdrawal.

A month ago, the Taliban captured Kunduz, a province in Northern Afghanistan, challenging the Afghan defence system. targeting Afghan and American soldiers, the Taliban rocked the capital Kabul with bomb blasts. . Two weeks ago, the Taliban chief Akhtar Mansoor was killed in a drone attack by the US The new chief of the Taliban then instigated his men to escalate attacks in Afghanistan following which the attacks have indeed mounted.

It is on this background that the US, granting special powers to the army, has prepared to widen the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. Along with military action, drones attacks too are expected to mount in Afghanistan. Thus, in the coming times, the scope of war in Afghanistan will widen and the withdrawal of troops too could possibly be be postponed.


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