Not even an inch of land lost in the US action in Afghanistan, Taliban pens open letter to the US

Kabul/Washington: Taliban has appealed to the US people to pressurise the government for peace talks stating that Taliban has not lost even an inch of space in their control after the aggressive action taken in Afghanistan by US President Donald Trump and his war-mongering allies. Taliban has made this appeal in an open letter and this is the first time Taliban has published an open letter for the peace talks. The Afghanistan government has not yet reacted to the Taliban letter.


taliban, us, donald trumpThe Taliban leader, Zabiullah Mujahid has published a 10-page letter. ‘The United States started action against the unified forces of Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. This has only resulted in anarchy and multiple terror groups have emerged,’ the letter alleges. ‘The United States and allies have lost thousands of its citizens in the Afghanistan campaign. Billions of dollars have been spent to bring a government in Afghanistan. But, this has only created a political rift resulting in corrupt system in the country,’ alleged Taliban in the letter.

‘If you wish for a dialogue at the international level with the Afghanistan people, the US public should make the President, their war-mongering Congressmen and the defence officials understand the reality, pressurise them to implement logical policies about Afghanistan,’ appeals the letter. The letter claims that the hatred will increase due to the presence of the US army in Afghanistan and the incorrect policy planning of President Trump and his war-mongering advisors.

us, taliban, donald trumpUS President Trump had announced a fresh policy about Afghanistan, last year. As per the policy, the US army deployment in Afghanistan has been increased and the ‘CIA’ and the army troops have been given freedom to act. Under this, the action against the narcotic substances in Afghanistan has been intensified and the drone attacks have been increased. Especially, the Taliban has been facing financial crunch as their narcotic business was targeted.

The senior officials in the US military and the analysts are claiming of major setbacks for the Taliban due to this action. Senior military officer, General John Nicholson had underlined this point. General Nicholson had also claimed that the action by the US, allies and the Afghanistan army has resulted in heavy losses for the terrorist organisations.

The Afghanistan envoy to the US, Hamdullah Mohib, has said that this letter is acceptance of defeat by the Taliban and they are trying to hide the defeat behind the peace talks.

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