Plan to establish ‘United States of Europe’ by separating UK

claims Britain’s daily

United States of Europe 1_AFPMovements have begun to establish ‘United States of Europe’ comprising of all the European Nations keeping UK aside. This claim  has been made by ‘The Sunday Times’, a British daily. The British daily has stated that the proposal in this respect would be discussed in the European Union meet in Luxembourg in the next month. Two years ago, Vivian Reading, Vice-President of European Commission, came up with the proposal of starting ‘United States of Europe’ campaign. Following this, during the last year, the senior officer of European Union, Jean Claude Junker said that there is a necessity of an independent army for the EU. 


In a meeting held in Rome in September last year,  Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg had appealed for setting up of ‘General Union of States’ in Europe. In this resolution

it was demanded that the EU should not confine itself to  only financial and currency related or internal market related areas but should establish its control in the field of social, cultural, International business and Protection policy.It was also stated  that there was a need for fresh efforts for the unity of Europe.

Chris Grayling, a Senior leader in the British Parliament confirmed that he has received information about this resolution. Grayling claimed that it is being revealed that this resolution has strengthened the unity of Europe in the European foundation and efforts are on for creating a system of controlling the European countries. At the same time he advised the countries of Britain and Denmark to stay away from this system.

In February, David Cameron, the President of Britain had  stated that Britain will never become a part of the ‘Superstates’ of Europe. He further said that this will not happen if the citizens of Britain vote in favor of staying in the EU. However, the news published in the British daily may come as a shock for President Cameron it is claimed.

Along with the ‘United States of Europe’ plans are being made for an independent army for the European Union too. A proposal has being formulated to bring together the Army and Navy of Germany and Netherlands for forming an independent army for the Europe. President of the European Commission, made a statement last year that there was a need for an independent Army for the  EU. ‘The independent army for the European Union will prove beneficial for External as well as security related policies of the European Union. Also, this army will be able to unitedly handle the responsibility at the international level’ , said Junker.

Ex-Foreign head of European Union, Catherine Ashton and Defence Minister of Germany has supported this policy.

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