Brexit causes spurt of secessionist movements in US

Texas and California bracing up for 'Exit'?

Britain’s decision to exit the EU has rippled across right upto the US. As the country was celebrating its independence day on 4th July, certain states from among the ‘Unites States of America’ had begun to crave independence. The states of Texas and California appear to have taken the initiative and a campaign to the effect has already rolled out. Considering the forthcoming Presidential elections in the US, these events do indeed assume extra-ordinary importance.



In the two weeks that have followed ‘Brexit’, demands to exit the EU have gained strength in several European nations. The ‘Exit’ movement is gathering momentum in prominent nations like France, Austria and Italy. The Brexit effect does not however, appear to be limited to European nations; it has infused life into secessionist movements in the US as well. ‘Texas Nationalist Movement’, a group backing secession has launched a powerful online campaign. Texas is a state that plays an important role in the American economy. Falling back on the history of Texas, it has been alleged that this state can well become independent from the US until the year 2018. With a Gross State Product of $ 1.6 trillion, Texas could, if it were independent, rank among the 10 prominent economies of the world, says the ‘Texas Nationalist Movement’ group.

The online campaign initiated by the group is backed by more than 250,000 citizens and the term ‘Texit’ is already trending on social networking sites. The present situation that Texas finds itself in, is much like that of Britain in the EU. The ‘Texas Nationalist Movement’ is in fact pressuring Greg Abott, the Governor of Texas, to call for a referendum on the issue of seceding from the US.

California, the state of the Silicon Valley, too now appears to follow suit. ‘Yes California’, an online group supporting the secession of California has even made a flag for the ‘California Republic’. The group has organized the ‘California Independence Rally’ for 8th September. A survey conducted on the issue revealed that more than 40% citizens were in favour of secession, claims the ‘Yes California’ group.

The secessionist movement gaining strength and momentum a mere four months before the Presidential elections in the country, could prove the new and big challenge that the political scenario in the US might have to face.

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