Center of Taliban is in Pakistan, alleges Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani

Kabul: The Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani has criticised Pakistan alleging ‘Pakistan is the center of Taliban Terrorism’. There have been three terror attacks, in Kabul the capital of Afghanistan, in the last 10 days and more than 150 people lost their lives in these attacks. Sufficient evidences that the attacks were planned in Pakistan have been given by the Afghanistan agencies to Pakistan. In view of this, the allegations made by the Afghanistan president attain more importance.


ashraf ghani, afghanistan, pakistan, talibanPresident Ghani said that the center of the Taliban terrorists is in Pakistan and the Afghanistan population is waiting for Pakistan to take some decisive action against them. President Ghani made this demand in his address to the Afghanistan population. Before the Afghanistan president, the Afghanistan agencies had levelled accusations against Pakistan of being responsible for the terror attacks in Kabul. The Afghanistan agencies had also declared that they have discovered evidence to prove the claim.

Afghanistan internal security minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak and the head of the Afghanistan secret agency, Masoom Stanekzai visited Pakistan and submitted the proofs. These proofs include the confession given by the terrorist captured during the terror attacks. Barmak said that during interrogation of one of the terrorists, it came up that the Taliban leaders are present in the border region of ‘Chaman’ and terrorists are being trained there. Barmak divulged this information in front of the Pakistan media. At the same time, Barmak said, the IS terrorists are also being trained in that region along with the Taliban and they have freedom of movement in this area.

Along with the evidence Afghanistan has also given their demands to Pakistan. There is a demand to hand over the Haqqani network chief Sirajuddin Haqqani along with the terrorists involved in the Kabul attacks. Meanwhile, the Afghanistan population is enraged with the feeling that Taliban and their supporter Pakistan have crossed all limits. The direct allegations of president Ghani are indications of the same anger.

The Pakistan prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had made a phone call to president Ghani after the Kabul attacks. But, president Ghani had refused to accept this call. Subsequently, the Afghanistan president announced that he had discussions with the Indian Prime minister. This matter is sufficient to clearly indicate the Afghanistan policy, claim the analysts in Pakistan. The analysts in Pakistan are also expressing fears that Afghanistan will adopt a more aggressive policy in respect of Pakistan.

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