US air strikes continue for four successive days in Afghan regions bordering China

Kabul: The United States has undertaken a huge campaign against the Taliban with the US bomber plane “B-52” ceaselessly attacking the Taliban hideouts adjoining the Chinese border for the last 4 days. “This is only a preliminary action and the United States will leave no hiding space for the Taliban”, warned General John Nicholson, Commander of the US forces in Afghanistan.


us, air strike, china, afghan,As per the information from the US Air Force, the US bomber planes had been ceaselessly attacking the areas near the Chinese border of Afghanistan for the last 96 hours. This action is being carried out in the Badakhshan province which is the north-western region of Afghanistan. The United States as well as the Afghanistan armies claim that the bomber plane raids are right on target.

The ‘B-52’ bomber plane has carried out 24 missile attacks in the last four days. The US air force claims that these attacks have destroyed Taliban bases, training centres, communication hubs as well as financial resources of the Taliban. Army vehicles that were stolen by the Taliban from the Afghani army were also attacked. The US sources inform that the Taliban had stuffed these stolen army vehicles with explosives and had them ready for attack.

General Nicholson emphasized the significance of this operation by stating that the Wakhan corridor adjoining the Chinese border was the center of Taliban’s activities. In the meanwhile, Wakhan was in the news only last week due to the demand made from China to Afghanistan. China had demanded permission from Afghanistan to set up its military base in Wakhan. It is learnt that this issue is still under discussion and that Afghanistan will soon take a decision regarding this demand.

Considering the background of China’s demand regarding Wakhan, the US airstrikes for the last four days on Taliban bases in this region acquire greater significance. Currently, there has been a spate of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan by the Taliban and it seems that even the capital city of Kabul is not safe from it.

The US President had strongly condemned these terrorist attacks and had announced that the war against terrorism in Afghanistan shall be intensified. The effects of the same are now coming to the fore and it is indicated that the US bomber attacks in Wakhan could be the first step in the “intensified war”. General Nicholson seems to have issued the same warning to the Taliban.

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