11 soldiers killed in terror attack in Kabul; Pakistani army’s involvement alleged

Kabul: Afghanistan capital Kabul was rocked by one more suicide attack early in the morning on Monday. One of the military academies in Kabul was attacked killing 11 soldiers. 16 soldiers were injured in the attack. Two of the attackers killed themselves with bombs, two were killed by the Afghan soldiers and one terrorist was captured alive, informed the Afghanistan defence forces. It is clear that the ‘IS’ is behind the attack.


kabul, terror attack, afghanistan, pakistan,The attack on Saturday, in Kabul, took 103 lives. Before that on January 20 terrorists killed 40 people. Again, on Monday, early in the morning, the terrorists targeted Kabul. ‘Marshal Fahim Military Academy’ here was attacked with rockets followed by indiscriminate firing. But, owing to the tight security arrangements here, the terrorists were unable to enter the academy. Two terrorists blew themselves and the other terrorists kept firing on the Afghanistan soldiers. Two terrorists were killed in the retaliatory fire by the soldiers.

Afghanistan defence ministry spokesman, Daulat Vaziri informed that one terrorist was captured alive. It has been exposed that the attack was carried out by IS. Taliban had accepted the responsibility of the previous two attacks in Kabul. Afghanistan and even the US had made allegations that Pakistan helped the ‘Haqqani Network’ for these attacks.The Afghanistan envoy to the US, Majeed Qarar alleged that even if IS carried out the attack, the Pakistan military has supplied the necessary equipment to the attackers. The night vision goggles used by the terrorists during the attacks were procured by the Pakistani army from a British company, he pointed out.

The horrific attack executed by the IS poses a new challenge in front of Afghanistan and the US. There are indications that the anti-terrorist actions will intensify in Afghanistan. Similarly, there are indications of increased competition between the IS and Taliban to increase their domination in Afghanistan.

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