US does not deny possibility of attacks on Russian locations in Syria; claims a US daily

Third World War

Washington: The United States had warned that the Russian and Syrian military attacks on Idlib will have dreadful consequences. Ignoring the warning by the US, Russia along with the Syrian military carried out crushing attacks on Idlib. At the same time, the Russian navy and air force are demonstrating their war preparedness by holding war exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. Enraged by this, the United States has activated future plans and has warned that the Russian and Syrian locations may become targets of their attacks henceforth.


The leading US daily, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ published a news report about this. The daily claimed that the United States will not hesitate to attack the Russian locations in Syria. The newspaper said that as per the information revealed by a US official, Pentagon is exploring different options for future action in Syria. There are discussions about narrowing down the Russian locations in Syria that could be attacked and the fall out of such an attack. The daily claimed that if the Russian air defence systems deployed in Syria are attacked, it will cause a major loss to the Assad government.

‘Nothing can be said at this point about the action that the US might decide to take. But if the Assad government endangers the lives of the Syrian people with the use of chemical weapons made of Sarin and Chlorine and the stability in the region, then military action would be inevitable,’ warned the Pentagon spokesperson ‘Dana White’. White did not elaborate further on the action. Therefore, the indications are that the United States will target the Russian and Iranian locations if the Syrian government resorted to the use of chemical weapons. The United States is also thinking of increasing political pressure on the Assad regime along with the possible threat of military action, said a Pentagon official.

Meanwhile, the Russian and Syrian military continued their attacks on Idlib for the third consecutive day. The Syrian military helicopters carried out 55 barrel bombs attacks on Idlib on Sunday, whereas, the Russian fighter jets carried out action in the other parts. It is reported that these attacks, over the last three days, have resulted in largescale loss of property and destruction of three hospitals, two medical facility centres and many ambulances.

Thousands of civilians living in the Idlib and Hama region nearby are seen rushing towards other cities for security. The United States has criticised the Russian action. At the same time, the US officials have claimed that the Assad government is preparing to carry out chemical attacks on the rebel locations in the near future.

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